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Marine Fighter Squadron 323 (VMF-323) was commissioned on 1 August 1943.  The aircraft and the Marines have changed over the years but their devotion to Duty, Country and Corps has not.  Some served in the harsh conditions of combat or as Prisoners of War, while others trained during peace time.   Some made the ultimate sacrifice.  This Web Site is dedicated to them, The Few, The Faithful, The Proud, The Marines of VMF-323, VMA-323, VMF(AW)-323, and VMFA-323.  Our Motto says it all!


You are Invited to Drop Your Tail-Hook and Taxi Through the History of Marine 323 Death Rattler Squadron With Us.  Line up on the Meatball and have a smooth landing.


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Special Notices and Reunion Information


1.  The F8 Crusader Death Rattlers will be holding their next reunion in Quantico , Va in 2016.  Check back often for dates and details.  Reunion 2014 pictures click here.

2.  The 1st MAW Association-Vietnam Service will have their next reunion in 2015.  Dates and location to be announced.   Click here for more info.

3.  Attention all Death Rattlers (Snakes).  There is in the planning stages a reunion in Las Vegas in August 2015.  Contact VMFA-323 Death Rattlers on Face Book.

4.  The F4 Phantom being restored in Santa Rosa , Ca. by Don Ricci and is dedicated to Maj John Dunn and CWO3 John W. Frederick, Jr.   Click Here to view progress.  The Phantom has VMFA-323 markings and flew with the squadron at Chu Lai, South Vietnam in 1968.

5.  The USS Alabama Battleship Park Museum has restored a F/A18 Hornet that flew air strikes against Lybia on 15 May 1986 .  Click here to view the Hornet.  The Hornet now has VMFA-323 markings.

6.  The Palm Springs Air Museum has restored a F/A18 Hornet dedicated to LtCol John C. Spahr and Capt Kelly C. Hinz.  Click here to view the aircraft.

7.  The USS Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum in New Your City has a VMFA-323 Phantom on the flight deck.  Click here to view the aircraft.

8.  The Proud Bird Restaurant across from LAX has VMF-323 F4U Corsair on display.  Click here to view.

9.  The San Diego Air & Space Museum has restored a AU-1 Corsair dedicated to Capt Jerry Coleman who flew with VMA-323 in Korea .  Click here to view the progress.

10.  Check out the VMFA-323 Death Rattlers on Face Book.

11.  Check out the USMC F4 Phantom on Face Book.


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This Web Site is unofficial and is not sanctioned nor endorsed by any department of The United States Marine Corps, although such endorsement would be welcome.  This Web Site is maintained by Thomas "TC" Crouson, the old tinbender, VMF-323/VMF(AW)-323, 1962-64.  Updated 12 July 2014.